Founded in 2012, Land + Sea is a studio of curated strategists, writers, designers, and developers who love connecting people and pixels. 

The digital frontier is wild - a jungle of cluttered information where consumers still struggle to find their way. With expert navigation in both hard strategy and creative messaging, we turn ordinary brand into online trailblazers.

In 2018, we are joining forces with DD9 to offer clients high-quality strategy and digital production from concept to launch.




Ryan Linstrom

Principal / Managing Director

Ryan has been designing stand-out brands for the past 8 years. From humble tech startups to international nonprofits, Ryan’s focus has been on engaging new fans and increasing brand value through compelling storytelling. His people-first philosophy sets him apart both as a strategist and as a collaborative partner, allowing him to see past trends and fads and create true solutions for the end user.


Samantha Chandler

Creative Director

Samantha is a designer and copywriter with 10 years experience in advertising where she’s delivered strong brand personalities with effective, integrated strategies for results-driven creative… but only after a Red Bull and packet of Skittles. After work she enjoys getting lost in books and the woods.


The strong messaging and branding work from Land + Sea makes it easy for us to build remarkable websites.
— Joel Goodman, Principal @ Bravery Media
Over and over again we have heard how strong our brand is, and we are indebted to Land + Sea because of it.
— Stephen & Jessica, Owners @ The Peach Truck
Screenshot 2017-10-24 17.01.04.png
We have been consistently impressed with Land + Sea’s approach, insight and work product in the domains of branding, content strategy, and visual design.
— Todd Dumas, Director @ DD9